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Takoma15 by Steve Kaldes


Takoma15 by Steve Kaldes


Takoma15 by Steve Kaldes


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Takoma15 Speaker

Master woodworker Steve Kaldes presents the Takoma15: high efficiency, full range, handcrafted speakers. The hand-selected maple cabinets are cylindrical to eliminate internal reflection waves. With the Takoma15, Kaldes aligns optimal, high strength cabinet design with the aesthetic beauty of his craft. 

The Takoma15 uses Audio Nirvana Classic Alnico 15” drivers. With no crossover, full range speakers manage to be more sensitive, avoid potential phase problems, and convey an incredible sense of realism due to music coming from a single voice coil. Kaldes’ cabinetry combined with these drivers gives a frequency response from31hz-20k, and at 92db sensitivity are easily driven by low-power amplification up to 50 watts. 

Driver Specifications
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Frequency Response: 31 Hz - 20K Hz
SPL: 92 dB/W(m)
Rated Input: 50 W
Music Power: 80 W
Equivalent Diagram Radius: 152mm
Equivalent Mass: 57.4g
Magnet Weight: 1050g
Net Weight: 8400g
Fs: 31.5 Hz
Re: 7.2 Ohm
Mms: 63.1 g
BL: 8.8TM
Qts: 0.98
Qms: 6.31
Qes: 1.16
Vas: 384.2 Ltr
Xmax: 0.95 mm
no: 1.0%
Frame: Cast
Cone: Paper
Surround: Fabric
Damper: Conex
VC Dia.: 𝚽49 KSV 0.23 CCAW
Magnet: 𝚽60x50 AlNiCo
Short Ring: AL Ring+Cu Cap
Center Cap: Coating Fabric Dust Cap